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Between managing director Patrick Coutts and the rest of the IM Carpentry senior management team, we boast a collective carpentry experience of well over 100 years. As such our people have always been the driving force of IM Carpentry's culture and professional development. Our dedication to delivering quality means we are ideally placed to provide our clients with a professional and cost-effective service. Every project is met with enthusiasm and we pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects on time.
As a well-established and respected subcontractor, IM Carpentry is proud to work with leading construction Head Contractors. We don't believe in just dropping in and out of sites and have instead developed long-term sustainable partnerships with many of these Construction Contractors over the past 24 years. This dedication to professional community mindsets and ongoing accountability is a testament to the levels of integrity and standards IM Carpentry's entire team strives to work toward.

Our Capabilities

Architectural panelling and lining

IM Carpentry is one of Victoria’s most experienced and sought after Commercial Carpentry, Facade Cladding, Facade Re-Cladding and Labour Hire Contracting companies.

With our experience, we can undertake even the most elaborate carpentry projects. Our dedication to staff training keeps our team at the forefront of processes and safety procedures while continuing to deliver solid outcomes on time and through cost-effective channels.

From landscape carpentry to heritage overlays we’re excited about the craft of carpentry and are always looking out for the next exciting project for our teams to dive into.

We’re most proud to work for our clients so they can best benefit from our extensive capabilities. Our team are experienced, motivated and incentivised to coordinate and satisfy site-specific requirements. We ensure that every project is an opportunity to grow with our clients and form long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Architectural panelling and lining

Door packages

CFC and timber cladding

Feature timber work

Light weight pre fab metal framing

Structural timber framing

Heritage overlay and tie in work

Our Team

Patrick, Director

Has a keen interest in personal development and health. Seemingly incapable of reducing his golf handicap. Tired Essendon supporte.

Jeremy, Project Manager

Family and culture are very important to me. Anything to do with the outdoors. Known for my dance moves.

Huan, Estimator

Keeping my kids growing up in peace and kindness. Challenge myself at work with new tasks and new methods. The energy on the holidays is only for relaxation.


Prides himself on attention to detail and working to the best of his ability. Car enthusiast. Ideal getaway involves camping and 4x4.


Keen interest in Men's Mental health and Indigenous Culture. Loves the St Kilda football club, maybe a little too much. Known for kicking winning goals in grand finals.


Firm believer that knowledge is power and always looking to develop my skills and mind. Passion for music and loves playing guitar and drums. Has an odd talent for singing lyrics based on the activity I am doing at that current time to the tune of existing songs.


Keen advocate for conversation, volunteer with Friends of Merri Creek. Devoted listener of independent radio and music. Cricket -still can't bowl an in-swinging ball bowling or pick the wrong-un when facing spin. Loves lifting barbells, hopes to run a marathon. 0-5 in cricket grand finals played. 5-0 on cricket trips!


Loves his family and friends. Enjoys gym and watching the Collingwood Magpies. Undefeated tipping king of the company.


Keen interest in Basketball and most American sports. Loves to go mountain biking on the weekends and also water- sports during the summer. Known for quoting TV shows and movies.


A belief that there is always new things to learn and a strong advocate for men's mental health. Loves camping, fishing, hunting, motorbike riding, fixing up cars and hanging with good mates. His famous one liner jokes.


Keen interest in travelling outside of Melbourne and learning about various cultures and societies. Footy fanatic and Delusional North Supporter. Love getting into town and DJing to a crowd. Was tricked into trying to recharge a Paslode gas canister as a young apprentice.


Wishes to travel and experience the world. Loves playing sports and spending time with mates. 6'3 and the strongest and best looking at IMCarpentry.


Hopes to own a holiday house in Perth or Queensland. Playing a good round of golf when the weather isn’t always raining. Still yet to meet anyone that can out drive him.


Believes that intelligence is subjective, and there’s no one definition of it. Aquascape hobbyist. Obsessed with Japanese culture.


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