Research Primary School

Research Primary School

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Structural Timber, Timber & CFC Cladding, Decking, Doors (Fit off & Fix)


1572 Main Rd Research Vic 3095


New Junior Learning Building, Existing Administration Building Alterations
After this revamp of their campus and overall footprint, IM Carpentry is proud to be a part of the structure of Research Primary School. We were a part of multiple stages of the creation of an entirely new wing of their campus in the Junior Learning Building. From building the structural timber as a solid base, keeping their resistance from external factors top class with the cladding right through to fitting out decking and doors to create a unified space for their junior students.

Our crew loved being part of this project across multiple stages of the build and we're proud of the final product and believe it shows off many of the top-quality services we supply to our clients.
Being a part of new buildings, extensions and add-ons is exciting, but we're also pleased to have gotten to help refresh and elevate Research Primary School's existing administration building. With staff spending significant time in these spaces it's important to not feel like you're working in a tired or run-down space. IM Carpentry was able to refresh the cladding (both CFC and Timber), doors and general structural timber to bring this building in line with the new buildings emerging alongside it.

We're proud to have helped Research Primary fully elevate and refresh their campus to make it a space where staff and students alike are excited to attend and work.

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