Balwyn Community Centre

Balwyn Community Centre

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Structural Alterations, External Cladding, Feature Timber Work, Doors (Fit off & Fix), Landscape Carpentry


412 Whitehorse Rd Surrey Hills Vic 3127


Existing Building Refurb & Alteration, New Extension, Landscape
Community Centres are the central touchpoint for many people to access a variety of different services and experiences so it is important that they are welcoming and functional spaces. At Balwyn Community Centre IM Carpentry was given the opportunity to contribute to one of those spaces with extensive carpentry overhauls across the space.

Landscape carpentry is a particularly enjoyable job for our expert crew as the installation and design of boardwalks, decks and the like allows for the flexing of our creative sides as we dictate how the multiple areas all flow together and how the visitor experience will feel throughout their engagement with the space.
A new extension for the community centre meant there were substantial structural alternations that needed to be made by our crew. But it also meant that the existing building needed to be refreshed, altered and refurbished to ensure that the architectural aesthetic remained consistent throughout the building.

We were able to install and elevate the external cladding as well as making and structural alternations that the existing timber needed to support the extension. The opportunity to work on the feature timber aspects meant we could tie it all together with the landscaping to create a welcoming and exciting community space for Balwyn.
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