We offer support and experience for your commercial carpentry requirements. Our team of professional carpenters set a new standard for quality and efficiency in the field, delivering outstanding workmanship without compromising on efficiency and communication.

We’re leading Victorian experts in commercial carpentry and our team can offer our clients quality carpentry services across:

  • Feature timber work
  • CFC and timber claddings
  • Internal trims and linings
  • Structural timber framing
  • Door packaging
  • Sanitary/ FFE fit off
  • Decking + pergolas (or landscape carpentry)
  • Heritage overlay
  • Lightweight pre fabricated metal framing
  • Labour hire

IM Carpentry service the tier 2 + 3 sectors.

Other Services

Simplified Complexity

IM Carpentry is an acclaimed name, known for desirable projects that create compelling returns for the people we work with. Find out what we can do for you.